Blog Il Poggio delle Ginestre Country House

Here you’ll find, not tourist information, but thoughts, feelings, emotions
which I feel daily at Il Poggio delle Ginestre, my work place yes, but also
a chance to meet people and became friends.
The magic night of St. John
When tradition calls the Poggio answer.
Says the legend that the Sun this night gets married with the Moon.
It is celebrating the summer solstice, it is the time when nature is in its almost splendor...

Maybe it happens to you, going around the Umbria countryside, to see a cross in the fields.
Sure you’ll see in our olive groove. Are cross made with reeds with an olive twig blessed.
According to the tradition the day of St Peter (29th of April) ...

A walk around Torgiano
We start again. Spring is coming, days are hottest and  longer, in fact I realize only now that are 8 p.m. and I’m already here at Il Poggio delle Ginestre, I realize it from the sky, becoming red for another beautiful sunset that we can see from here ...

Friendliness at the Holiday House Il Poggio delle Ginestre

We welcome you with a smile, because we know you are a special person and we’d like to ingrate yourself with the love we put in our job. The house is the expression of our love to tradition; our goal is your satisfaction. In a relaxing place, with the joy of new place to know and ...

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