umbrian traditions poggio delle ginestre italy holidaysWhen tradition calls the Poggio answer.
Says the legend that the Sun this night gets married with the Moon.
It is celebrating the summer solstice, it is the time when nature is in its almost splendor and therefore the best time to attract fortune.
My grandmother used to collect all the flowers she found on the 23rd evening, making sure not to forget:

- the hypericum: St. John's flowers that enhance beauty, preserve the disease and defend against envy
- the oat: symbolizes abundance
- the wild fennel: ticks the eye into deception

After the flowers and herbs were bathed in a basin left outdoors all night so that the dew of the Gods would fall in.
The following morning water was used to wash your face and benefit from all the powers of herbs and flowers.
Here at the Poggio we like to continue the tradition and that is why we gather with our guests herbs and flowers and prepare the water of St John.


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